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Youth Heritage Symposium

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Youth Heritage Symposium On-Demand!

Check back regularly for on-demand content!

Live Keynote Session took place on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021. Watch it here:


Saskatchewan Heritage Trivia Quiz

Who doesn't love a quiz game? You can challenge yourself, your family & friends, and your classmates with this 50-question quiz! Teachers, this would be a great game to do as a class, either all at once or a few questions at a time.

(free downloadable PDFs)

Saskatchewan Heritage Trivia Quiz   Saskatchewan Heritage Trivia Quiz: Answer Key 

Check back later in December to play an online version in the style of a retro-inspired video game!

Heritage Worker Testimonials

Rather than have a second live session, Heritage Saskatchewan presents testimonials from various heritage workers in or from Saskatchewan. It is our intention to present various careers that exist in the heritage sector that young adults may be interested in or perhaps may not even be aware of.

We are going to continue to add more testimonials throughout December and early January, so check back as often as you like! We want this to be an ongoing resource.

By selecting a testimonial, you will be able to download a PDF. Where available, video and/or audio links will be noted.

Heritage Worker Testimonial 1: Emma Morris

Heritage Worker Testimonial 2: Kristin Catherwood (Video Link)

Heritage Worker Testimonial 3 (multiple): Nature Saskatchewan Staff (Video Link)

Heritage Worker Testimonial 4: Dr. Karin Steuber & SK Archaeological Society (Video Link)

Heritage Worker Testimonial 5: Karla Rasmussen

Check back throughout December 2021 & January 2022 for more!


Feeling inspired? Submissions are now open for our High School Heritage Challenge! Students from grades 9-12 are invited to submit a heritage-related project for a chance to win one of two $1000 education bursaries, as well as other great prizes. 

Submission deadline: April 25, 2022

Winners announced: May 2022

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