Congratulations to the winners and all participants in the 2023 Provincial Heritage Fair!

Regional Fairs Registration

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Welcome to the Heritage Fair registration system! Due to our new website, we have not had online teacher registration. Our registration system and project submission system (for the VHF and HSHC) are now open!

To submit projects to the Virtual Heritage Fair and the High School Heritage Challenge, please go to their Project Submission pages by selecting clicking on the links in this paragraph or through the dropdown menus above.

Below are the registration buttons for the in-person Regional Heritage Fairs (in 2023, only the Moose Jaw Regional Heritage Fair is taking place). As of March 2023, all teachers who are participating can register their students for this event at the link below.

Please Note: Due to alterations with the registration system as well as the registration process, teachers are no longer able to log in to see who from their class/school has registered already. Teachers are able to save registrations to be completed later.

For a downloadable Parent/Guardian Consent Form, please click here.

Register your Class or School as a Teacher

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